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Thursday, August 25th 2022 from 5:30 – 7:00 pm

Join us at  Tamsen Gallery  to network with fellow business professionals and enjoy small bites and drinks. Meet the Downtown Santa Barbara staff, downtown business community members, and hear updates on upcoming happenings downtown. Members of the public are welcome as well!

Tickets are $15 for members of the Santa Barbara Downtown Organization, $20 for non-members. Price includes drinks from drink sponsor M. Special and small bites from local restaurant sponsor Foxtail Kitchen & Bar.

1st Thursday – Thursday, Sept 01,
5:00 – 8:00 pm

1st Thursday is for locals and visitors alike. It provides an opportunity for residents to indulge in local culture, mingle with neighbors and participate in the arts community.

The program also offers visitors the chance to experience, in one evening, the diversity of Downtown’s visual and performing arts scene, is aimed at developing a lively atmosphere downtown as well as showcasing the cultural variety that Santa Barbara has to offer.

Artist Statement

Robert W. Firestone

As a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and author, I have devoted myself to helping people face their personal demons, come to know themselves and challenge their psychological pain and suffering. As an artist, I have attempted to live a creative life, searching and striving for meaning and beauty. Working with the computer as a creative instrument, I have attempted to invent something feelingful, sensitive and beautiful out of an unfeeling machine.

Passion and creativity are the antithesis of cynicism and despair. Intimidated by the issue of death and dying, we often turn our backs on life and feeling; we could, instead, choose to embrace life. We are, each one of us, fragile and helpless, and are therefore all sisters and brothers. Ideally, that would inspire empathy, tolerance and generosity toward one another. I live and share life closely with a multitude of people, and try to exemplify a sense of love, enlightenment and joy in being and becoming. My art and my insights into life are a very personal offering, a simple sharing of my feelings and perceptions. In my artistic productions, I utilize a variety of images, impressions and approaches to address the fullness and complexity of my experience. In all of my work, I try to blend color and composition into an enjoyable visual adventure.

My artistic endeavors are characterized by the use of a variety of vivid and vibrant colors symbolizing the rich array of human feelings and emotions. As a therapist, I help people challenge their psychological defenses, allowing them to achieve closer, more meaningful relationships. Confronting their anxieties and addressing their most painful issues allows them to recover their deepest feelings and become more fully alive. As an artist, I wish to inspire a deep feeling for people as well as an appreciation for aesthetics. In both fields, I aspire to make a contribution to people’s appreciation of life and personal fulfillment.


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The Tamsen Gallery features the vibrant work of visual artist Robert W. Firestone. Firestone’s art portrays the human psyche and its colorful emotional experience, drawing inspiration from his experience as a clinical psychologist.

From vivid dreams printed on glossy acrylic to geometric cityscapes laser cut from metal to dynamic portraits printed on canvas, the Tamsen Gallery offers a rich visual experience in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara.

Tamsen Gallery

Tamsen Gallery


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